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Monica Singh

Insurance and Investment Agent

Monica Singh

COO | Co-Founder

Insurance and Investment Agent

About Monica

Monica is the COO and Co-founder of Vertex Insurance and Investments Inc., stands as a multifaceted professional exhibiting leadership qualities, team player, and uniquely positioned as an adept specialist in Life Insurance and Mortgage Industry. She is a strong willed individual and perceived as a hustler by her colleagues.

She has completed her Bachelor’s degree in Dental Surgery, PG Diploma in Hospital Administration from India, and Masters in Public Health from United Kingdom and has successfully completed Lean Practitioner Certification that focuses on effective team management, A3 Thinking.

With rich reservoir of expertise in management, insurance and mortgage industry has worked in top financial and medical institutions of Canada, United Kingdom and India, Monica brings in a vast experience of servicing clients from around the world through the intricate landscape of her financial journey. What sets her apart is the holistic commitment to financial well being of her clients, her deep understanding of Life Insurance planning, offering tailored strategies that transcend conventional coverage. Her mission is not only to facilitate the acquisition of dream homes but to safeguard the future of families with comprehensive financial security.

Monica’s professional philosophy revolves around transparent communication, personalized service, and a commitment to exceeding each client’s unique financial aspirations.

She is an avid reader, traveler who loves to explore different places when not working. She can converse with clients in Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, and English, making her services accessible to a diverse group of population.

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90 Eastern Ave,Unit 31
Brampton ON L6W 0B6

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