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Term 100 life insurance

You’re covered for life—your protection does not end after a certain period.

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Term 100 Life Insurance is a form of permanent life insurance, covers you for the entire life with guaranteed level premiums payable up to age 100. It is unlike term insurance where premiums increase when policy renews after specific term period expires.


  • T100 is the most affordable permanent insurance and is often used to cover taxes payable at death.
  • Coverage remains in force if you pay your premiums.
  • Your premium is fixed and remain level. No further premium required after age 100
  • No cash surrender Value
  • Death Benefit is paid tax free to beneficiaries
  • Payment mode: Annually, or Monthly


  • Same premiums throughout to age of 100
  • You are no longer required to pay after age 100, and still retain the coverage
  • It’s less expensive than whole/universal plans
  • Steady premium cost throughout the length of the policy
  • A great option for estate planning


  • No dividends options (you can’t share in the profits that the insurance company makes each year)
  • No cash value surrender option (if you cancel the policy, you won’t get any of the premiums which you paid back)
  • More expensive than term life insurance
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