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whole life insurance

It is a type of permanent life insurance that serves three things: protects your family, helps you to save for future and provide peace of mind.

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Whole Life Insurance


  • Cover risks for entire lifetime of the life insured.
  • Premiums remain level for life of the policy.
  • Build Cash surrender value (CSV) over time.
  • Premiums, death benefit amount, and cash values that are guaranteed for your lifetime.

Premium Options


Ongoing – lifetime payment (Pay to age 100)
Single – one lump sum payment (Paid-up policy)
Limited payment – Pay for a specified period (10 year Pay, 20 year Pay)


Whole life insurance offers


Participating policies – where policy holders may receive dividends. These dividends can purchase additional whole life insurance (paid-up insurance) and build additional cash value, be left on deposit to accumulate with interest, can use dividend to reduce next years premiums, or be paid in cash and use dividend as a single premium to buy additional one year term insurance.
Non-Participating policies – where policy holders do not receive dividends, but premiums are generally lower


Non-Forfeiture benefits- Benefits are available if you cancel your policy:


    • Cash Surrender Value (CSV) – net of any policy loans + interest.
    • Automatic Premium Loan (APL) – insurer will automatically make a loan against the CSV to pay the missed premium.
    • Reduced Paid-up Insurance (RPU) – use CSV as single premium to buy a reduced amount of paid-up insurance.
    • Extended Term Insurance (ETI) – use CSV to keep same level of coverage for X number of years.


  • Permanency
  • Premiums are guaranteed
  • Cash value grows tax deferred
  • Potential loan collateral against the cash value


  • Higher premiums as compared to term life insurance
  • Lack of investment control
  • Your beneficiaries do not receive the cash value when you pass away
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