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no medical life insurance

means life insurance policy available without a medical examination.

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No Medical Life Insurance policies include:


  • Simplified Issue Life Insurance: This type of coverage does not require a medical exam but may require a basic health questionnaire.

    It is available on both Term (10,20,25 or 30 years) and Permanent (Whole life Insurance) life insurance policy.

  • Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance: This type of coverage does not require a medical exam but offers permanent insurance solution for maximum face amount of $50,000.

    It is generally purchased to cover final expenses by individuals who are not eligible for other insurance plans.

    The death benefit is limited to a return of premiums if death occurs by other than accidental means in the first two years.

    The full coverage amount is payable if death occurs after two years or death is accidental.

Who needs life insurance with no medical exam or health questions?


There are a variety of individuals who can benefit from this insurance product. Here are situations when you should consider this insurance:

  • You do not like needles or medical exam
  • You have some health problems
  • You are hard to insure
  • You have dangerous job or participate in hazardous or extreme sports
  • You just want your coverage fast

Whether you are in excellent health or are difficult to insure, our goal is to offer everyone accessible, full-spectrum coverage. We’ll work with you to determine the appropriate coverage to suit your needs, regardless of your age, income, or health history:

  • Pay for final expenses, such as a funeral.
  • Make sure family members aren’t left to pay off bills.
  • Leave a legacy for a cause close to your heart.
  • Give a gift to your family or loved ones.
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